About the Company

Eric P. Gonchar has been involved with the real estate industry for almost 30 years with strong experience in real estate consulting, management, brokerage, transactional work, leasing and lending.

Eric works closely with clients in the day to day operation and management of commercial residential and buildings and has been providing consultation and advice to commercial entities, individuals and investors in connection with sales and purchases, financing, managing and due diligence for commercial and residential properties.

In addition, Eric has been an independent real estate broker for sale and rental of commercial, multi-property dwellings, townhouses and brownstones as well as co-op and condominium apartments to individuals, entities, foreigners and investors.

Over the span of Eric’s career in real estate, he has obtained in depth experience in all facets of real property including but not limited to the following:

Transactional Work

Mr. Gonchar has handled thousands of residential sales and purchases during his career as an attorney, sometimes as many as 15 to 20 transactions a month. Mr. Gonchar has represented clients in the acquisition, sale, financing and development of commercial, retail, industrial, hotel and multi-family properties. He has had substantial experience in drafting documentation for these real estate transactions and addressing issues that arise with respect to foreign investors and worked with clients frequently to complete Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 Tax Free Exchanges. Eric has drafted documentation, negotiated and closed acquisitions and sales of partnership, joint venture, corporate and limited liability entities in connection with the disposition of real property.

Lending Work

While Mr. Gonchar practiced law, he represented lenders including banks, savings and loan associations, institutional lenders and borrowers in all formats of commercial and residential lending, loan restructuring and financing including real estate based and asset based lending, construction, interim, bridge, mezzanine and permanent financing. He also counseled both lenders and borrowers in loan restructuring and work outs of troubled loans and evaluates alternative proposals to traditional default, foreclosure and bankruptcy remedies. Eric has drafted and closed construction, permanent, subordinate, interim, wrap, purchase money and leasehold financing transactions for commercial and residential lenders and borrowers; drafted and closed secured, unsecured and asset based loans; negotiate loan workouts and loan restructuring for commercial lenders and borrowers and drafted appropriate documentation; drafted and closed underlying mortgages for lenders and cooperative corporations; drafted and closed construction loans for developers; closed United States Small Business Administration loans for lenders and borrowers. He has represented commercial lenders in connection with structuring and closing loan transactions, drafting and negotiating commitment letters, letters of credit and documentation for secured, unsecured and asset based loan transactions. Eric has prepared documents for collateralization of corporate, partnership and limited liability interests, life insurance policies, motor vehicles, machinery and equipment. Eric has drafted and negotiated building loan agreements, guarantees and loan modifications. He has also represented residential lenders in connection with coop, condo and one to four family loans.

Leasing Work

While an attorney, Mr. Gonchar had advised landlords and tenants in connection with their respective property interests. He counseled building owners in the leasing of commercial, warehouse and residential spaces. He also represented companies and businesses as well as individuals in the rental of office and retail space as well as restaurants. He worked closely with his clients to address financing and build out options for such transactions and drafted and negotiated commercial leases for shopping centers, office buildings, movie theaters and restaurants on behalf of landlords and tenants. He has drafted and negotiated ground leases, subleases, interim leases sale and termination of leases. Eric has negotiated and closed sale, assignment and sublease of leases for debtors in possession in connection with the disposition of real property though bankruptcy. He has represented tenants and landlords in leasing, assignment and sublease transactions of commercial, office, retail and restaurant space. He has worked closely with clients negotiating issues regarding escalation, abatement, common area maintenance, build out, CPI increases, kick-out, non-disturbance, alteration, renewals, options, insurance, assignment and sublease, building services and damage provisions.

Condominium and Co-op Work

Mr. Gonchar represented numerous cooperative and condominium boards and associations while practicing law, including refinancings, negotiations and general matters. He addressed concerns with discriminatory practices, apartment combinations, updating and reviewing governing documents, capital improvement and repair projects and day to day management as well as apartment closings. In addition, as an attorney, Eric had handled and negotiated acquisition of assemblages of properties for condominium development; handled zoning lot mergers; handled conversion of properties to cooperative ownership; drafted condominium and cooperative offering plans and amendments. He has also represented numerous cooperative and condominium boards in connection with general representation issues and the refinancing of underlying mortgages.

Other Real Estate Related Work

In connection with his representation of real estate clients, Mr. Gonchar had negotiated, reviewed, and prepared architect, construction, management, realtor, agency, and contractor agreements in connection with the construction of buildings and homes as well as capital improvement and renovation projects for both individuals and companies.

People who have worked with Eric will enjoy his fresh, direct approach and will receive the highest quality services. His responsiveness and efficient handling of matters is evident from the moment you begin to work with him.